Insurance Coverage and Estimates

Check out the table below to see rough price ranges as well as the meaning of the insurance coverage.

Intrastate Interstate Owner Operator (Bobtail)

Liability Insurance

Your State or FMCSA requires you to carry commercial auto liability insurance. FMCSA required $750,000 but most brokers and shippers require $1,000,000 in liability in order to do business.

$4,500-$11,500 $8,700-$17,000 $375-$575

Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance is not require by the state or federal in most cases. However in order to do business with brokers and just about any shipper. Cargo Insurance will be required. on average $100,000 in cargo auto haulers $150,000

$950-$2,000 $950-$2,000 $950-$2,000

Physical Damage

Physical damage is the property coverage option to cover your equipment such as your tractor or trailer. The price varies and is largely determined by your home state and the amount of coverage you would like to insurance your equipment for.

Determined by value Determined by value Determined by value


The above are not guaranteed rates, this is just an idea of the range the prices can range from..

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